men-u Hair and Body Daily Refresh Shampoo 100ml


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Up to 120 Shampoos! Gently cleanses and refreshes, adding moisture to the hair. Moisture and not oil is as important to hair as it is to skin keeping hair soft and resilient. men-u Daily Refresh Shampoo is the first step to well conditioned hair as it is anionic leaving the hair negatively charged. men-u Daily Moisturising Conditioner is cationic (positively charged). Opposites attract! the optimum amount of conditioner is absorbed and importantly retained without overloading, as any excess is washed away. men-u Daily Refresh Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner are a very powerful combination to recharge the hair! To use: Use 1 to 2 shots (depending on length and condition of hair). Repeat if required. After final rinse use men-u Daily Moisturising Conditioner or towel dry and apply men-u SLIC (smooth leave in conditioner) and / or styling product.